UE Learning Kit Puzzle Platformer Level

I created this for the Advanced Unreal class at San Diego Mesa College. After working with the Unreal Engine Hour of Code project for the first few weeks of the class, we were given the task of creating a complete level within the framework.

I wanted to make a puzzle challenge mechanically similar to a Zelda dungeon. The timeframe of the project meant that I ultimately created a small challenge closer to one of Breath of the Wild’s Shrine puzzles.

The core conceit of the level was having a room that would gate or permit access to walkways on multiple floors depending on how it was rotated or elevated by switches on each floor.

Unreal Engine 5 Preview had just been released at the time of the project, giving access to the new modeling tools, including CubeGrid which was a tool I was very excited to try. As I’d hoped, the tool is very designer friendly and allowed me to iterate with incredible speed.