Unreal Engine 5 Third Person Warrior Project

I created this level for the Advanced Unreal class at San Diego Mesa College. After using the Hour of Code project to make a puzzle platformer level, I wanted to work with a more advanced framework and selected the Close Combat Swordsman package from the UE Marketplace.

Getting what I wanted out of the project turned out to be a big technical design challenge and I learned a lot from the process. The Swordsman project did not work with UE5 (or even more recent versions of UE4) out of the box; many of the Blueprint functions related to animations had to be replaced to restore core functionality.

I decided I wanted to give the project more personality by adding some character rigs instead of using the Unreal Mannequins; this ultimately meant learning UE5’s brand new animation retargeting system.

As with most of my projects since UE5 Preview was released, I made the level using Cubegrid and Landmass.